October 15, 2023

THE VENUE - What made you choose Provenance Wines?
Philip and I are not a flashy kind of couple, and what you get is what we give kind of couple. 

We don’t like making a big fuss over what we have. Philip is very down to earth and a little more introverted. I am very extroverted and loud. We both love a good party and good food. We wanted a wedding that was rustic and felt like there was a lot of love and can give off a good party. 


When we walked into Provenance after looking at countless venues, we just fell in love. 


We don’t know how to describe the feeling we had when we walked in. For our wedding, we always wanted everyone to feel welcome and comfortable with a rustic vibe and the old natural looking space and nothing that was extremely modern and just too much in your face. And that’s what Provenance gave us as soon as we walked in, we were just blown away with how beautiful of a space it is and how comfortable and relaxing it felt. 


Our favourite part of the wedding.. this is much too hard to decide, but what we did love was the next day everyone saying how much fun the wedding was and how the food was unbelievably good. 


For me (Rachelle), Philip and I had a dance routine and practiced this routine for months, so the most memorable moment was our dirty dancing lift mid-way through our first dance.


For Philip it was our first kiss as a married couple. 


Use a wedding planner. We luckily had our sister in law help us with planning and helped with all the little details that you wouldn’t think to include, from tying all the colours together to the little stands your food and drinks menu go on. Could not have been more thankful to have had her assist us. 




Hired a videographer - the day flies and having that video after the wedding to see everyone enjoying the wedding and just being able to enjoy it all over again. 110% worth it. 


Philip and I were insistent that at our wedding we would have everyone dancing and having a good time. You pay so much for your musicians that you don’t want people sitting down, you want them up and about! With that, I wanted to open the dance floor for everyone on the dance floor after one minute of the father-daughter dance, which was done upon our entrance and was to “Nothing Else Matters – Metallica”. Once this was done the DJ had free reign until the entrees were served, we then again had the dance floor open and everyone up to “Danza Kudoro” the last song of our first dance medley. 


Oh there were so many, there was no vendor that we were unhappy with at all. Everyone we hired were amazing and worked so well with us. 

  • Provenance Wines 
  • APL Photography 
  • Rutherford Entertainment 
  • The Posie Place 




Makeup - Montanna Yates MUA- www.instagram.com/montannayatesmua/

Hair - Salon Thirty-One - www.instagram.com/salonthirtyone/

Stationary - Merc Collection - www.instagram.com/merc.collection/

Cake - M&N’s Divine Dessert - www.instagram.com/mnsdivinedesserts/

Rings -  Filigree Jewellers - Filigree Jewelers - Filigree Jewelers

Bride’s DressRaffaele Ciuca Bridal | Wedding dresses in Melbourne



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Justine & Darren
Justine & Darren

May 17, 2024

We loved the feeling we got when we entered the reception space at Provenance, the high ceilings and white brick walls, it was so inviting and special. When we stepped into the Grand Hall it took our breath away and it was a pretty instant YES!! It was also perfect being all indoors as it was guaranteed for any type of weather to come our way. 
Abbey & Josh
Abbey & Josh

May 12, 2024

Provenance was the first (and then only) place we looked at. The beautiful mix of buildings and fields for photos was what drew us in to do a venue visit and once we were there, the ceremony space and overall feel of the venue and staff sold us!
Jessica & Lucas
Jessica & Lucas

May 10, 2024

We loved the look and feel of Provenance from the first time we had lunch there, before we were even engaged actually. The rustic vibe, being close to home for family and friends, and the addition of it being a venue that produced it's own wine ticked multiple boxes for us. Opting for a winter wedding, Provenance Wines had great options for an indoor ceremony and reception and the evening felt cosy and warm with the fireplace running in the background.