May 10, 2024

THE VENUE - What made you choose Provenance Wines?

We loved the look and feel of Provenance from the first time we had lunch there, before we were even engaged actually. The rustic vibe, being close to home for family and friends, and the addition of it being a venue that produced it's own wine ticked multiple boxes for us. Opting for a winter wedding, Provenance Wines had great options for an indoor ceremony and reception and the evening felt cosy and warm with the fireplace running in the background.


It's hard to name just one, we were incredibly lucky that everything went as planned and smoothly. Other than marrying your significant other, I think it was the small things that made everything complete - like joking around with our bridal party and photographer when getting photos between the ceremony and reception whilst having Candice carry out our drinks on a platter was a lovely touch. Additionally, I loved that we were able to curate and personalise so many things for our wedding, which we were pleasantly surprised we could do. By doing so, it really felt like a piece of us had gone into the day's preparation and you see all your hard work show. Many of our guests commented that our wedding was us to a T and they had an absolute ball.


Jess - my memorable moment was Lucas's subtle inclusion of my late grandfather in his wedding vows. It caught me by surprise and was such a nice addition to honor and remember him.

Lucas - my memorable moment was Jess's ability to roast me in our vows in front of friends and family. We somehow managed to have both our vows work well together and carry each other when we didn't share them before hand.


Trust your venue and their list of vendors. We picked a few of the recommended vendors Provenance suggested and it was a great choice because they were familiar with each other and the venue so there was less worrying for us on the day. Also, prepare a small first aid box to take with you - things like band aids, breath mints, Panadol etc. You never know if you or another member of the bridal party need it and having it on hand can be incredibly useful.


We opted to go with a videographer. It was a last minute addition for us but so worthwhile. I go back constantly to watch the wedding video. Also, upping your drinks package. We are so glad we opted for more variety in our drinks and it kept guests happy too. 


Honestly having a good and enthusiastic DJ made the night and got people up. DJ Brent (via Hey JacK) got everyone moving, and also played some requested heavier tracks for us. DJ Brent himself had enough energy all night to get everyone up and dancing, and we love watching him dance in our wedding videos too!


 It's hard to name just one, honestly everyone was a standout and worked wonderfully together. See below - 


Photographer: Nic Stephens Photography

Celebrant: Simon McCuskey

Entertainment: Hey Jack (DJ Brent)

Makeup: Montanna Yates 

Hair: family friend - Hayley Grioli

Stationary: DIY aka myself, we also used a wedding website and went virtual with everything to save a few dollars.

Cake: myself 🙂

Rings: engagement ring - Duff's Jewellers and wedding band was John McAleer.

Bride’s Dress: Raffaele Ciuca

Cars: the groom - Nissan Skyline R33 and a close friends - Ford XT

Videographer - Moment Seeker

Flowers - Emma Lane Flowers

Also in Inspiration

Justine & Darren
Justine & Darren

May 17, 2024

We loved the feeling we got when we entered the reception space at Provenance, the high ceilings and white brick walls, it was so inviting and special. When we stepped into the Grand Hall it took our breath away and it was a pretty instant YES!! It was also perfect being all indoors as it was guaranteed for any type of weather to come our way. 
Abbey & Josh
Abbey & Josh

May 12, 2024

Provenance was the first (and then only) place we looked at. The beautiful mix of buildings and fields for photos was what drew us in to do a venue visit and once we were there, the ceremony space and overall feel of the venue and staff sold us!
Rachelle & Phillip
Rachelle & Phillip

October 15, 2023

Our favourite part of the wedding.. this is much too hard to decide, but what we did love was the next day everyone saying how much fun the wedding was and how the food was unbelievably good.