2022 Henty Pinot Noir

This single vineyard wine is grown in the ultra-cool Drumborg sub-region of Henty, in south-west Victoria. It is planted in degraded volcanic buckshot topsoil over a permeable cracking red clay base. The vines are VSP trained and grow with moderate vigour. Far enough inland to experience continental-like cool nights, the site is also significantly influenced by the growing season weather patterns and the Great Southern Ocean.

Tasting Note
Bright, deep ruby and faint pink rim. A nose of ripe red cherry, pure with a slight hint of earth, faint sandalwood spice, rose petals and crushed herb. The palate is lively, with a streak of salinity running through the repeating theme of cherry and macerated strawberry with blood plum. Fresh and youthful, fine satin-like tannins are wonderfully integrated and carry the red fruits for a long finish. Tom Brushfield, Provenance Wines (18th May 2024)

Independent Review
"This is both lithe and sinewy. There’s macerated fruit, there’s an earthen aspect, there’s fragrant herbs and a meaty, bloody, rusty character. It doesn’t have a lot of volume but it makes the most of itself. Tannin is emery-board-fine, and length is very good. This is one of those wines that grows on you more and more, the longer you sit with it. It’s understated but it’s complex." 
94 Points Campbell Mattinson - The Wine Front

(Published 01 February 2024)